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Per il momento non riusciamo a far vivere questa impresa, ringraziamo quelli che hanno investito del tempo e rimaniamo fiduciosi sulla possibilità di riapparire in un futuro non troppo lontano. 


 EvHe-Evolving Heritage is an on-line journal directed by Romeo Carabelli and published by BUP, Bononia University Press, press of the Università di Bologna (www.buponline.com) Contact: redazione(at)evolving-heritage.net 

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  ISSN 2240-4910 (la rivista è depositata al registro della cancelleria del tribunale di Bologna al numero 8192 in data 21/07/ 2011) Participate to EvHe-Evolving Heritage: EvHe-Evolving Heritage is an open and federative journal, we are pleased to cooperate with you. There are several way to collaborate. Postcard - Event You can send us a Postcard or an Event, we will check and publish it. EvHe is a web based project, therefore English is the better language to write, nevertheless, we accept also French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Postcards are posts, articles or simple notes on experiences we are doing (exhibitions, travels, personal works …). Events are effective events which are falling, or events you participate. This area is not submitted to peer review, therefore it hosts not filtered article. Direction board will check only the appropriateness of the proposed Postcards and/or Events Article for the scientific journal EvHe Evolving Heritage is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. We are always preparing new numbers of the journal. Therefore calls are every time open. People can participate to specific call, proposing articles respecting the content of the chosen issue. Direction and editors review each paper in order to check the general suitability for the publication and for the specific issue. If the paper is judged suitable, a double-blind review process takes place. According to the reviewers, direction and editors decide if the paper is accepted as it is, rejected or if a revision is asked (if a paper is suitable but not accepted as it is, the author can chose to revise or to transform it into a Postcard). An article will be composed by 3 to 5 000 words, a different agreement can be proposed both from editors or authors. English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are assepted; all article needs a 10% long abstract (3 to 500 words) in English. In order to reduce the author’s effort, an abstract can be submitted for suitability analysis by editors and journal’s direction, before writing the paper. Book review In the scientific journal we publish books reviews, people can propose both a review or a text to be reviewed. The review will be published into the scientific journal, even if it will not be submitted to the double blind review process. Nevertheless, EvHe Evolving Heritage will not publish a review without a control on its appropriateness. Be Editor A proposal for a complete issue of EvHe-Evolving Heritage can be suggested to the direction board. The journal’s direction will submit the proposal to the scientific board. According to the board, an complete issue can integrate the journal. For Lab(oratorie)s and all furthers questions, please contact : redazione(at)evolving-heritage.net orromeo.carabelli(at)evolving-heritage.net