Re-Walk Heritage - a guide of Central West Bank

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This book is a work of many. We would like to start by thanking the following co-authors: Fatin Farhat, Iyad Issa, Maria Khoury, Nazmi Ju’beh, Ra’ed Sa’adeh, Raja Shehada, Sami Backleh and Suad Amiry who enriched this heritage guide with articles about different aspects of cultural heritage along the trail. We would like to thank Nazmi Ju’beh and Suad Amiry for reading the whole text and providing valuable feedback.


George Rishmawi designed the trail and its exact location, with the assistance of David Landis and Anna Dintaman.

This book would not have been possible without the support of the local communities along the trail and the assistance of the following municipalities and village councils: Ramallah, el-Bira, Ras Karkar, Bir Zeit, Jifna, Silwad, et-Taiyiba, and the Popular Committee of the Jalazone Refugee Camp.

The maps in this book are a product of the hard work of many. Iyad Issa created the base map for the whole trail as well as maps for each of the sites. Lana Judeh designed the foldout map that was produced prior to this guidebook. The map can be acquired separately or with the guidebook. Bilal Bargouthi helped put some extra maps together and points of interest.

We also would like to thank Baha Ju’beh for collecting historic and archaeological information about the sites, and for doing the initial visits and research on many sites along the trail with Ghada Mubarak.

We thank the European Union for funding this guidebook as part of the Mutual Heritage Project (within the Euromed Heritage IV Programme). We especially thank the Mutual Heritage Project director Romeo Carabelli and project coordinator Emilie Destaing for their constant support of our work and their interest in cultural heritage in Palestine and the region.

Of course, everyone at RIWAQ participated in one way or another by joining trips and site visits, discussing itineraries, reading parts of the book, or giving advice. We thank everyone in RIWAQ ’s dedicated team.

We finally would like to thank David Landis and Anna Dintaman for editing this guidebook and for their insight on how to put it together and also for documenting the entire trail with photographs.

Farhat Muhawi and Sahar Qawasmi


Re-Walk Heritage Guidebook Series 1

Re-Walk Heritage: Ramallah Highlands Trail

Farhat Muhawi & Sahar Qawasmi

Edited by: Anna Dintaman and David Landis, Village to Village Press

Contributing Authors: Fatin Farhat, Iyad Issa, Maria Khoury, Nazmi

Ju’beh, Ra’ed Sa’adeh, Raja Shehada, Sami Backleh, Suad Amiry

Photographs: David Landis © Riwaq Photo Archive (unless otherwise noted)

Maps by: Iyad Issa

Design: Collage Productions,

Cover Image: Al Samhan Palace, Ras Karkar


ISBN 978-9950-303-11-9

Printed in Palestine, 2012


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Sponsored by: the European Union as part of the Euromed Heritage IV

Programme: Mutual Heritage Project